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15 Fun Facts: Siberian Huskies


Do you adore these very robust, snow-loving sled dogs? Check out these 15 amusing facts about Siberian Huskies – they're really well-behaved!

1. Huskies come from Siberia

 That may seem apparent, but Siberian huskies were originally bred by the Chukchi people of far east Siberia. They were raised to be the best sled dogs, which the Chuckchi need for survival in Siberia's frigid tundra.


2. Huskies might be 3000 years old

 The Chukchi people most likely bred the first husky approximately 3000 years ago. Since then, they've only improved!

3. They have a double-layered coat

 Huskies are great at staying warm. They have a shorter underlayer that retains heat adjacent to their body, followed by a longer waterproof upper layer. But that's not all: their eyes are the ideal shape for keeping the snow out, and their tails are long and bushy enough to wrap around their heads to keep them warm!


4. Huskies saved a whole town once

 In 1924, the town of Nome, Alaska, had an outbreak of the fatal illness Diphteria. The village was blocked off by one of the biggest snowstorms in years, and the nearest medication was more than 1,000 kilometers away. With all of the train lines down, the locals were forced to embark on a risky expedition with a team of huskies. The voyage would ordinarily take three weeks, but the huskies completed it in six days, rescuing the town!


5. They're rubbish guard dogs

 Huskies excel at most things, but poorly as guard dogs! They like playing and are too trusting of others to keep evil ones away. Oh, well!

6. They often have mismatched eyes

 Huskies frequently have various hue eyes. This is a hereditary condition that has no effect on their vision. It's caused by a condition known as heterochromia, which may also occur in people on occasion - but only very rarely!


7. Huskies hardly ever get tired!

 This is because they have an exceptional ability to extract energy from the fat they consume and convert it directly into energy. It's really ingenious and allows huskies to run faster for longer than almost any other dog - and far longer than we humans!


8. Huskies are super friendly

 You probably already knew this, but for a canine breed that resembles wolves, it's rather amazing how cuddly they are. Okay, next on our list of intriguing facts about huskies...


9. They're not Malamutes

 Huskies and Malamutes may seem similar, but they are not the same breed. They are related, but malamutes were selected for strength (thus their size), whereas huskies are developed for stamina. They're both excellent dogs, though!


10. They can be LOUD

A husky's cry may be heard up to ten kilometers away! 

11. They don't mind hot weather TOO much

Another surprising truth about huskies is that, while they are incredibly fluffy and enjoy cold weather, their magnificent coats keep them cool in the summer. They still prefer cooler climates, so if you have one, don't take them for extended walks on hot days!

12. They love to dig holes

Huskies adore digging! Even more than other dogs do. One probable explanation is because they developed to burrow shelters in the snow to stay warm during the severe Siberian winters.

13. They're very clean

Huskies spend a lot of time grooming and caring for themselves. Nearly as much as cats!

14. A husky was once the strongest dog alive

In 1963, a husky named Charlie won the world's strongest dog competition! He even prevailed against several other breeds known for their power, such as Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Charlie pulled a sled that weighed more than a tonne! 

15. A team of huskies can run 150 miles in a day!

Huskies are true endurance champs, capable of going on and on. Even 150 kilometers a day is not unheard of for this breed! 

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