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Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar and three other shocking facts revealed


  01/5: Three surprising facts about diabetes that are not caused by excessive sugar consumption.  India has more than 70 million diabetics,...

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Stop Eating These 10 Most Harmful Dinner Foods


  Dinner is our last and largest meal of the day. Making the appropriate food selections at supper is critical since this meal offers so muc...

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15 Foods That Should Never Be Kept in The Refrigerator


  Refrigerators are typically thought of as tools that preserve food for as long as possible. That's true for most foods. The refrigerat...

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We Thought We Knew Everything About Watermelons. We Were Wrong...


  7 Watermelon Facts You Never Knew Watermelon is a popular summer fruit for many. It's delicious, versatile, and may be used as a snack...

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What Allergy Causes Itchy Skin?


  To avoid a rash and itchy skin, eliminate the triggers that cause them. These might be food, medication, or heat. In addition, cold baths ...

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Does Depression Make You Lose Appetite?


  Things you can do to improve your appetite can benefit you, whether you suffer from depression or are at risk of developing it. If you'...

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