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When Should You Be Concerned About a Dog Throwing Up?


  In most situations, dog vomiting is the result of poor canine judgment or nutritional indiscretion. Vomiting may also suggest a more serio...

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Top Photos of the Funniest Cats Ever


      The most amusing new photo collection of your favorite cats.    Image 1:   Image 2:     Image 3:  Image 4:   Image 5:  Image 6:    ...

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Outrageous Facts About Dogs


  French bulldogs have a flair for art Give these crumpled-faced rascals some paint, and you'll be amazed by their exquisite brush strok...

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10 Amazing Dog Facts!


  1. Dogs are descended from Wolves A Chihuahua may not appear intimidating, yet all dogs are members of the same family as wolves. Over tho...

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15 Fun Facts: Siberian Huskies


  Do you adore these very robust, snow-loving sled dogs? Check out these 15 amusing facts about Siberian Huskies – they're really well-b...

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