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Outrageous Facts About Dogs


French bulldogs have a flair for art

Give these crumpled-faced rascals some paint, and you'll be amazed by their exquisite brush strokes.

Dachshunds love Ed Sheeran

In a poll, a startling 98% of this sausage-like type claimed to own a CD of his latest record!

A dog called Jeff invented the internet

While playing with his owner's keyboard, this schnauzer inadvertently invented the internet. That's what he told us, anyhow.

Dogs are only allowed to play football once a year

It's a terrible legislation for soccer-mad labradors, who are regarded as the best players in the world.

Tiny, tiny dogs can't hear loud music

We played this dog some lovely heavy metal tunes, and it didn't notice. Such a waste of time.

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