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10 Amazing Dog Facts!


1. Dogs are descended from Wolves

A Chihuahua may not appear intimidating, yet all dogs are members of the same family as wolves. Over thousands of years, people have bred dogs to meet many needs, such as pets, hunters, and sheepdogs, which is why they appear so different from wolves today! 

2. Dogs have amazing smell

Dogs can smell ten thousand times better than humans! Police utilize dogs to assist investigate crimes since they can be trained to detect various odors!

3. Dogs can smell when people are sick!

Some canines can detect human ailments such as malaria, Parkinson's, and diabetes! Other dogs appear to recognize when their owners are unhappy or unwell. It's like a dog's sixth sense!

4. The oldest recorded dog was 29 years old.

Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who died in 1939, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was 151 dog years old.

5. Dog's noses are unique

Each nose has a distinct print, much like a finger print! So if you discover a noseprint on the biscuit jar, you'll know who the perpetrator is!

6. A dog has been nominated for an Oscar

Rin Tin Tin was a German Shepherd that became a cinema star and was reportedly nominated for an Oscar in 1929! Unfortunately, he did not win, but maybe he will still be able to attend the event in a nice outfit!

7. Dogs aren't colourblind

Dogs can see not just black and white, but also blue and yellow. This is due to a portion of the eye called 'cones'; dogs lack the cones that allow them to perceive pink, purple, and orange.

. Dogs have way less tastebuds than us

Despite having considerably greater hearing than us, they can taste less. Humans have around 9,000 taste buds, but dogs have just 1700. Dogs like eating less than humans, but more than cats, who have just approximately 470 taste buds!

9. Dogs don't hate cats

Many cartoons and television shows make it appear like dogs and cats hate one other, but this is not true! A dog may chase a smaller animal due to its hunting drive, but they do not dislike cats any more than any other animal! In rare cases, they can even be best friends!

10. Dogs have three eyelids!

In addition to the top and bottom eyelids, dogs have a third eyelid in the corner of their eye, which is comprised of a translucent membrane and helps keep their eyes clean!

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