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How to customize and change your iPhone ringtone?


    If you've attempted to alter the default ringtone on your iPhone, you've undoubtedly found that the selection is small and unori...

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How to get louder sound on your iPhone?


  We all want our iPhones to sound as loud as possible, but sometimes we reach a limit.  Apple has put in place a number of safeguards to ke...

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How can I reduce the size of PDF files on my iPhone?


  Large files are becoming more and more common on cell phones these days. It must be acknowledged that in daily life, these are, to put it ...

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How to activate dark mode on iPhone?


  Do you find the white backdrop on your iPhone annoying? Are you having trouble seeing after increasing the brightness? You can switch your...

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Compress 4K videos on your iPhone.


  A very high definition digital image format called 4K has a width of at least 4,096 pixels. In Europe, it's called Ultra High Definiti...

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How to download movies to your iPhone or iPad


  Movie downloads on an iPad or iPhone can be challenging. This used to be frequently connected to jailbreaking. The Apple mobile device is ...

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How do I play music on my iPhone?


  Music is perfect for many situations, whether it's to relax, to keep the mind occupied or to accompany us when we're working or do...

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iPhone essentials: performance, photography and more


 What makes the iPhone so special? It's the talk of the town. It's more than just a phone. It's like a friend everyone wants to ...

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