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How to get louder sound on your iPhone?


We all want our iPhones to sound as loud as possible, but sometimes we reach a limit.
 Apple has put in place a number of safeguards to keep sound from overwhelming us and harming our ears.

We'll cover some capabilities you might not be aware of in this article along with advice on boosting the volume on your iPhone!
How to adjust your iPhone's maximum volume

The conventional volume controls on the left side of the iPhone are easily recognized by most users. The Control Center can be used to change the volume as well. Many people are unaware that the iPhone's stated maximum volume does not always correspond to the loudest sound the device can produce.

 Or regulatory reasons, Apple has imposed a limit on the maximum volume of its phones. However, there are ways of partially circumventing this limit, allowing you to turn up the volume on your iPhone even higher than before.

 How do I turn up the volume on my iPhone music?

You must utilize the iPhone's equalization if you want to improve the sound quality.

To accomplish this, just take these easy steps:

  •     Launch the music app on your device and begin enjoying any music you like.
  •     Once the audio level is set to a high level, navigate to Settings and choose the Music app.
  •     Go to the Cell Broadcast option in the Audio section and choose High Quality.


Return to the audio section, then go to the Equalizer tab and select the Night parameter.


 You should normally feel a difference, but bear in mind that it won't be the same depending on the type of music you're listening to, so it's up to you to test the different configurations proposed by Apple in this section.

 Put your iPhone headphones on louder.

It's possible that you've discovered your iPhone headphones' maximum volume isn't as high as it should be. This is as a result of a cap placed by the European Union on the highest volume that headphones can produce. You can now choose to override this limit, though.

In order to achieve that

  •     Navigate to Settings -> Music -> Equalizer -> Maximum volume under "Playback" category.
  •     Next, turn off the EU Volume Limit feature.


You'll note that the "Maximum volume" is not at the soundbar's maximum when this option is activated. On the other hand, the maximum volume won't be limited when it's deactivated.

Achieve simultaneous volume settings for alerts and notifications.

 There are two main types of sound to consider: the volume of background noise and system sounds, and the volume of alarms and phone calls. These volumes can be adjusted separately to best suit our needs. Sometimes it's difficult to find the right balance between the two, and we end up with a sound that's either too loud or too soft. To change this :

  •     Go to Settings; Sounds and Vibration.
  •     In the "Ringtones and alerts" section, you can adjust the volumes to your liking.
  •     You can deactivate the "Use buttons" function to prevent unintentional sound changes.

The ringer and alert sounds change simultaneously with the other audio outputs when this function is engaged. You may more effectively adjust your device's sound to meet your needs by following these steps.

In summary

You should be able to increase the volume of the music on your iPhone and more accurately adjust the volume levels for various kinds of sound by utilizing some of the tips and tactics we've covered in this post.

Remember that every person has unique needs, so you should try a few different things before deciding what works best for you. You can obtain the ideal sound for your iPhone with a little trial and error.

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