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How to customize and change your iPhone ringtone?



If you've attempted to alter the default ringtone on your iPhone, you've undoubtedly found that the selection is small and unoriginal. Is it hard for you to customize your iPhone's ringtone?

Be at ease! We'll walk you through the process of importing and customizing your iPhone ringtone in detail in this article.

Using iTunes to create ringtones


The first step is to import your ringtones straight onto your mobile device using iTunes. Getting the music you wish to convert to a ringtone is the first step in doing this.

Use one of the songs you've bought or other methods—which we won't go into here because they're illegal and we don’t support them—to accomplish this.

 Once these songs are on your computer, all you have to do is import them into iTunes.

To do this, follow these steps:

  •     First, launch iTunes and go to Files.
  •     Then go to Add a file to the library.


  • Retrieve your audio file and confirm.
  • Once this is done, go to the Songs section, right-click on the sound and select Song information.


  • Once you're there, go to the Options section and you'll be able to start and stop the sound whenever you like.
  • Select the passage that suits you, bearing in mind that it must be less than 30 seconds long to be considered a ringtone.


  • Once this is done, validate the changes.
  • Then go to the File tab and click on Convert, which will create an AAC version of the extract you've just created.


Save this file on your PC and you can then delete it from your iTunes library.

Selecting the appropriate format for your song

This AAC file's issue is that it's not in the proper format to be played on your iPhone right away and function as a ringtone. This is where you're going to need to adjust.

That's not a particularly complex matter. Simply open your preferred browser and enter AAC to M4R. Next, select the first available converter.
Just drag your file in, then watch the converter work its magic.

Now you've got your ringtone in the right format, all you have to do is add it to iTunes. Once that's done, plug in your iPhone and sync it.

The quick fix is to make a store purchase.

If you prefer not to deal with the trouble, there is another simple fix. Straight from your iPhone, you may download ringtones.

Simply visit the iTunes Store to complete the task. But keep in mind that not every music fits the thirty-second limit, thus some songs cannot be utilized as ringtones.

Next, select "Other" from the menu in the lower right corner of the screen to access the ringtone section.


Here, you'll have a wide choice, with prices generally hovering around one euro per ringtone. Pay, download and you've got a ringtone.


To modify the ringtone on your iPhone, contact

After utilizing one of the two ringtone methods, let's see how to customize your ringtone for calls and SMS messages to each of your contacts.

Just select the contact whose ringtone you wish to modify by going to your contacts. Once there, select "Edit" from the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

 You can then scroll to the point where you're asked what you'd like your personalized ringtone to be, whether for calls or SMS messages.

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