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Compress 4K videos on your iPhone.


A very high definition digital image format called 4K has a width of at least 4,096 pixels. In Europe, it's called Ultra High Definition.
You'll be happy to hear that with a straightforward program, you can compress your 4K videos on your iPhone if space is at a premium.

Use this free program in place of moving everything to your computer, compressing it, and then putting it all back on your iPhone.
Allow me to present the Smart Video Compressor to you. With the help of this application, 4K video can be compressed to 80% of its original size.

The AppStore has given Smart Video Compressor a 4.7-star rating. You can fast and effectively compress your films using this free tool.

You can save up to 80% or more on file size when compressing 4K video. Video can be VGA or 720p compressed.

On an iPhone, how can I reduce 4K video?

Installing the Smart Video Compressor application should come first.

The Smart Video Compressor apli provides you with three compression options after installation:

    medium grade, HD (720p), on a DVD.

The next step is to just choose and compress a video from the picture library.

You'll receive an optimized video at the conclusion, allowing you to save up iPhone storage.

The program reduced the size of my test data from 52 MB to 28 MB, a savings of almost 45% on my iPhone 7S Plus.
Note that although the application is free, it does not modify metadata or add watermarks to your videos.

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