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Premiere Pro Training | Autonomous in video editing

What Will I Learn?

  • you will learn the software interface
  • you will learn to add images, texts
  • you will learn the tools useful for assembly
  • you will learn to use the source monitor
  • you will learn the compensated modification
  • you will be able to do animation
  • you will learn the effects options
  • you will learn three point editing
  • you will learn the keyframes
  • you will learn to crop, export, laugh!


More Details:

Educational goals

  • Understand the fundamentals of video editing
  • Master video acquisition and source import
  • Compose the edits with the audio sources and titling module
  • Produce an assembly with fittings and clip cuts
  • Export edits to popular video formats

Practical work

Video images from the professional world for making video content such as can be seen on Web TVs or news websites.


Introducing a Premiere Pro project

  •     General production flow.
  •     Overview of the material required for the video.
  •     Customization of the work interface.
  •     User preferences and project backups.

Practical work

Presentation of an HDV-type camera and discussion of production flows. Analysis of the characteristics of video images provided to define a suitable editing configuration for a video project.
Video acquisition, import of rushes, media organization

  •     Notions of video acquisition and import of sources.
  •     Acquisition window. Creation of bins (folders).
  •     Media display modes. Storyboard mode.

Practical work

Video and image acquisition. Import of video sources stored on a hard drive.
Exploration of sources

  •     Presentation of working techniques to review its sources.
  •     Source and program windows.
  •     Navigation tools in the viewed clips.

Practical work

Search the video sources.
Assembly techniques and tools

  •     2, 3 and 4 point mounting.
  •     Fittings and cutting of clips.
  •     Element, sequence, reference marks.

Practical work

Handling of the tool palette.
Audio and video transitions

  •     Application of audio and video transitions.
  •     Effects option window. Default transitions and duration.
  •     Work area and audio / video renderings.

Practical work

Test audio and video transitions and effects on clips in the timeline.
Audio sources and titling module

  •     Adjustment of audio level, volume.
  •     Type of tracks (mono, stereo, 5.1).
  •     Adobe titling window.

Practical work

Creation of titles for interviews.
Freeze frame and clip speed

  •     Freeze frame function.
  •     Speed ​​of an element.
  •     Time remapping.

Practical work

Manipulation of the speed of video elements (forward, backward, freeze frame).
Voice-over and video export

  •     Editing and improvement of a voice-over.
  •     Export and distribution formats.

Practical work

Encoding parameters.


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