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Le pack initiation “ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR et ANIMATE CC”


Apprenez les bases de ces deux logiciels pour vous lancer dans l’animation 2D


What you’ll learn:

  • Nous allons apprendre les bases de Illustrator et Animate CC


 More Details:

This course combines the "** Initiation to ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR **" and "I ** initiation to ADOBE ANIMATE CC **" courses. We will first see the basics of ** Illustrator ** and its main options to get a first grip on creating vector illustrations. Next, we'll take a look at the basics of ** Animate CC ** and see how we can use it to simply create in 2D animations. You will see that it is very easy to switch from vector illustration to 2D animation. By taking these two courses, you will know how to do it.

If you want to grow your creativity well you are in the right place because in today's episode we are going to learn the basics of adobe animate so stop for creative claude obviously and the software allows us to do a lot of 'interesting animation in different formats so here it is really a must in terms of animation so I really invite you to discover it this is what we are going to do together today by discovering the basics of adobe animate so it is why what are we going to do well we are going to create a little pacman animation a little bit like we did in the tutorial for animated gif on photoshop and through this tutorial it will really allow us to discover a little little all that allows us to do adobe limits and well first I arrive on the animated adobe home screen which allows me to choose different formats so there are some quite well suited for the web for mobile programming and I will therefore give in I will go directly to a canvas here in Angola and we discover as a working space Adobe workspace in Nîmes and then we have what in this workspace had a little bit like in
the suite adobe long born in mix between I would say photoshop and first pro a little bit like after
effects but really dedicated in the animation so what do I have here then I have a toolbar on the left that I can customize we will see that says it's a little moment we have a timeline here which will show us where we are in our animation it will allow us to vary our drawings here we have some toolbars in the basic workspace including this small property tab that will turn out to be.





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