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Illustrator -Facebook -Teespring -Créez, vendez vos t-shirts


What you’ll learn


  • Utiliser Illustrator pour faire des visuels de tee-shirt créatifs et vendeur
  • Insérer vos visuels sur des tee-shirts pour faire de beaux visuels
  • Apprenez a utiliser la plateforme TeeSpring pour vendre et gagner de l’argent
  • Utiliser Facebook pour vendre et promouvoir vos créations
  • Savoir utiliser les outils de base d’illustrator
  • Trouvez des idées créatives



  • Aucun pré-requis
  • Avoir illustrator
  • Avoir une connexion internet
  • Avoir un compte facebook

 More Details:

This training will give you all the keys to create your visuals from A to Z, promote them and sell them in order to earn additional income or simply make them your main source of money.


I will show you the basic illustrator tools so that you are comfortable handling the tools and thus be free to create your t-shirt visuals, unique and in your image.


With these creative workshops you will see and understand how to make impactful t-shirt visuals -
Step by step we will create these visuals together, you will put into practice your knowledge learned beforehand to make superb t-shirt visuals


Starting a t-shirt business can be difficult, but with Teespring and a little creativity, you can build a profitable t-shirt business for very little money.


This Teespring course is totally suitable for beginners. You don't need to know anything about Teespring, design, or marketing (but make sure you have basic computer skills).

- FREE Teespring SUPPORT -

I'm here to help you with any Teespring issues you might have. Post your questions and I will answer your Teespring questions as soon as possible.


This course teaches you how to make ANY Teespring store. You are not limited to a specific style or Teespring product. You are free to create whatever you want using the tools used in this Teespring course.


Learn how to manage and create a Facebook ad in order to develop your store and finally make money with it.

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