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Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course


 This course on Adobe Photoshop Essentials will teach you both Photoshop Retouching and Photoshop graphic design.
What you're doing:

 Adobe Photoshop CC-Page of the Critical Course

  • Through your Photoshop Skills you will start earning money.
  • A Photoshop can be linked to your CV
  • Know how to add more to your portfolio than 20 of your own projects.
  • You'll make photos for Facebook , Instagram , Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube for social media post.
  • You can cover everything ... even the dreaded hair!
  • Image Clearcut.
  • Build beautiful typography.
  • You'll be developing common visual styles.
  • You must produce pictures which are blurred.
  • Learn how to create graphics from the ground up.
  • Photographs will be retouched like a professional.
  • You are going to make a Postcard.
  • Build affiches.
  • Build attention.
  • Resize Images.
  • Create a flyer.
  • Change the pictures or colour.
  • Color fixation in photos
  • You are going to swap colors for the eye & hair.
  • Learn how to blend two images to create breathtaking compositions.
  • You are going to put a storm inside a teacup.
  • Learn how to build a text resembling a stone.
  • You are going to create a logo with the kind that wraps it up like a badge.
  • You 're going to build a text which wraps around a woman.
  • Learn how to create an advertisement project with multipage banners. 
  • You'll create more context from thin air in an picture.
  • You 're going to take people off pictures.
  • Know how to pull graffiti off a wall.
  • Cutting pictures of men, shoes & other items is clear.
  • You are going to create realist shadows
  • Learn how to create colored smoke wraps around text.
  • You can generate duotone images such as the spotify effect
  • You are going to create images with an anaglyph effect
  • Learn how to turn your images into beautiful oil paintings
  • You should know how to apply the effects of the halftone to your pictures.
  • You can bend images to show images from the background.
  • Learn how to fold around real-life images and objects to distort a logo.
  • You retouch the person overweight to make them look thin.
  • You must use brushes to create graffiti style spray paint.
  • Learn how to make a man's head appear in a galaxy.
  • Creates results of paper cut inside a script.
  • Build text with a 3D paint that drips from it.
  • You are going to retouch a face for pimples & freckles to pass around.
  • You will be removing dust & scratches from an old frame.
  • The yellow teeth change to white teeth.
  • You 're going to create a fantasy picture in which you place an island, ocean & clouds inside a bottle.

Any edition of Adobe Photoshop, preferably edition CC (Creative Cloud).
No prior knowledge or experience is needed at Photoshop

Hey, my name's Dan Scott. I am an Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor (ACI).

Were you struggling yourself to master Photoshop? This course will encourage you to do professional use of Photoshop. You can add Photoshop to your CV and start to get paid for your Photoshop skills.

I will teach you everything you need to learn about getting started with Photoshop in this tutorial. You'll learn how to use Photoshop in Graphic Design & for Retouching Photoshop. You can make plenty of your own ideas that can be added to your own portfolio to aid with your career.

This course is intended for beginners. No prior knowledge of Photoshop, photography or design is required. We'll start right from the start and work our way through step by step.

You will learn the 'secret sauce' of Photoshop, by which we magically enhance our background and remove people from images when necessary.

Exercise files are available for download, so you can follow in the videos with me. I'll set plenty of tasks so you can exercise the skills you've learned.

If you've never opened Photoshop before or you've already opened Photoshop and are struggling with the basics, follow me and together we'll learn how to use Photoshop to make beautiful images!

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