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English for Intermediate Level (B1)

What you’ll learn

  • English language

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who wants to learn English

More Details:

What can you do in English about a B1 level?

A degree of English B1 will suffice for exchanges on common topics with English speakers. In the workplace , people at B1 English level are able to read simple reports on familiar topics and write simple e-mails on topics within their profession. A level B1 is not, however, sufficient to act entirely in English at the workplace.

Those at B1 level in English, in compliance with the official CEFR guidelines:

o   Will recognize the key points of simple standard information on commonly encountered common matters in work, education , leisure, etc.

o   Can manage most circumstances that might occur during travel

o   Will generate simple related text on subjects that are familiar or of personal interest.

o   Can identify experiences and events, desires, hopes and goals and provide brief explanations for opinions and plans.

B1 English language skills in depth

For teaching purposes the official can-do statements are divided into smaller parts. This more thorough overview of skills will help you determine your own level of English, or help a teacher assess a level of students. For example, an English-language B1 student will be able to do all the things a level A2 student can do and, additionally, he will be able to:

o   Discuss your future hopes and aspirations, both personal and professional.

o   Organize a job interview and a job interview in your area of expertise.

o   Chat about your likes and favorite TV shows.

o   Describe your schooling and future training plans.

o   Chat about your favorite artists and culture trends, and schedule a live music night out.

o   Speak about keeping a balanced lifestyle, and get good habit tips and guidance.

o   Chat about relationships and dating through social media meetings.

o   Go to a restaurant, order food, have a nice dinner chat and pay for your meal.

o   Participate in your skills conversation if you come to understand those issues.

o   Address problems relating to occupational safety, record injuries and clarify laws and regulations.

o   Discuss respectful behaviour, and respond to impolite conduct appropriately.

While progress will depend on the type of course and the individual student, students with 400 hours of cumulative instruction should expect to achieve the B1 level in English.

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