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English for Advanced Level (C1)

What you’ll learn:

  • English language

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who wants to learn English

More Details:

What can you do in English with a level C1?

A C1 English level allows for a wide set of functionalities at work or in an academic setting. Level C1 will allow for maximum autonomy in an English-speaking native nation.

Those at C1 level in English, in compliance with the official CEFR guidelines:

1.       Will understand a wide variety of complex, longer texts and accept tacit meaning.

2.       Could convey ideas fluently and naturally without the quest for words being much apparent.

3.       May flexibly and efficiently use language for social, academic and professional ends.

4.       Can generate simple, well-structured, comprehensive text on complex subjects, demonstrating guided use of organizational structures, connectors and coherent tools.

C1 English language skills in depth

For teaching purposes the official can-do statements are divided into smaller parts. This more thorough overview of skills will help you determine your own level of English, or help a teacher assess a level of students. For example, an English-language student at C1 level will be able to do all the things a level B2 student can do, and he will also be able to:

o   Address topics related to performance in depth, like creating a motivated and productive team.

o   Speak in some depth about your favorite paintings and building designs you like.

o   Address social problems, potential problem solutions, and what role companies should play.

o   Participate in debates on biodiversity, sustainability and protection of the habitats.

o   Speak about news reports and problems and how such reports impact individuals and companies.

o   Think about life threats like career transition and risky activities.

o   Specific methods of schooling and individual schools compare and contrast.

o   Explore various types of humor, including subtle ways such as sarcasm.

o   understand various communication styles, including direct, indirect, formal and informal.

o   Address the quality of life problems like work-life balance and home climate.

o   Understand and explore the legal issues, such as civil disobedience.

Though progress will depend on the type of course and the individual student, with 800 hours of cumulative instruction , students may expect to achieve C1 level in English.

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