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تعلم الانجليزيه : للمستوى المبتديء

كورس ٦ اسابيع شامل محادثه و قواعد لغه و قراءه و صوتيات

What Will I Learn:

  • ستتعلموا النطق السليم للحروف الانجليزيه المتحركة و الحروف الساكنة.
  • ستتعلموا مباديءالمحادثه اليوميه باللغة الانجليزية عن طريق محادثات عن طريق مقدمي اذاعه امريكان
  • ستتعلموا القراءة و اكتساب المفردات
  • ستتعلمون النطق السليم عن طريق القصص
  • ستتعلمون القواعد النحويه الجرامر وكيفية استخدام المضارع البسيط و المستمر و الماضي البسيط و المستمر و المستقبل البسيط
  • مهارات القراءه skimming and scanning
More details:

Proficiency in the English language is a strategic goal for anyone who wants to distinguish and succeed in life, but the problem that faces many is that it is not easy to reach this goal in a month or two, everyone who passes this journey knows that mastering the English language requires a long period, but this period It varies according to the time you spend learning and practicing and according to the way you learn.
It is important that you follow an effective educational method that helps you to move faster, because you do not want to spend years learning the language, you want the fastest and shortest way to reach this goal.
If you want to learn effectively, you must change your lifestyle, he said. Language learning is a lifestyle and not just lessons to take or words to memorize, these are activities within the framework, but the issue is broader, the journey to mastering the English language requires you to surround yourself with the language from all sides as possible, and most importantly is that you learn Through an effective curriculum that focuses on the four skills in the language, and focuses on the practical use of these skills more than theoretical doses, and one of the best digital curricula that do this professionally: English Life School.
Before we talk about the strategy for learning English for beginners, let us first get to know English Life closely, this school that gives you a modern way to develop your language online, and move from beginners to advanced levels, we do not want to dive into the details, so we will focus on the most important parts School, namely the self-learning system and direct classes.
There are many digital services specialized in teaching the English language, some of them are simple, they are sites that give you some information, some of them are professional, they give you a good service for a financial fee, but there is something in common in most of these services, if not all of them, which is focusing on one of the aspects, There are sites and applications that help you develop the skill of listening, and there are other services specialized in grammar, even those services that focus on all four skills, they give you one type of teaching.
We can divide learning patterns into two main types, the first is the self-learning style, and the second is the direct learning style across virtual classes, which distinguishes English Life School because it combines two modes of self-learning and direct at the same time, it gives you an educational system that contains an innovative interactive curriculum you learn Through it every day and your English gradually developing month after month.
The self-learning system consists of 16 levels, the first level is for beginners, for those who want to learn English from the beginning, from the terms of welcome and farewell, and then continues to climb with the levels that deepen more in the language until you reach the advanced stages.
These levels are designed in a graduated manner and are compatible with the European framework known as (CEFR), so that you can build your English language brick on top of a brick gradually and effectively, you can finish one level in a whole month, take your time to learn, review and repeat, the repetition process is very important to establish understanding and memorization, You will be exposed to multiple activities spread across the four skills of the language, and thus the language is acquired, gradually and continuously.
The self-learning system contains a lot of lessons and activities, many visual and audio materials, professionally produced videos that simulate the scenes of daily life, and audio dialogs that you can understand and interact with, you will also be able to develop speaking and speaking skill through pronunciation activities that are carried out through the microphone, either. Grammar is taught sequentially in various activities.
Many young people face difficulties when he learns the English language when he is at the beginner level, because he begins to learn and does not have a basic inventory of vocabulary and does not know many structures of sentences and grammar, everything for him is vague and incomprehensible, yes it is the most difficult stage in the journey of learning the English language or any Another language, but once the learner sets off and the words begin to enter his mind and entrench his memory, the process becomes easier and more enjoyable.
Below we give you some effective advice that helps you overcome the difficulty of beginnings, in starting to learn the English language from the beginner level and continuing to pass the stages until you reach the advanced level that opens you doors to reach fluency and proficiency.
If you are learning English from the first or second level inside English Life School, and there are those in your surroundings who are higher than you in the level (such as your brother or your co-worker), you will often feel frustrated, because his level is advanced and you are still late, and to overcome this problem; Try to find a partner on a learning journey whose level is close to your level of language, it will be more encouraging and specific for you to continue.
If you do not find that partner, try to persuade a member of your family or close friends to begin this journey with you to learn the English language. You will learn simple words every day and practice basic phrases with each other. You salute him and he replies to you. He asks and you answer, like this. You practice the language even while you are in the first level, and this leads us to the second advice.
Some believe that the practice of the English language, especially the practice of speaking, should not take place until the person has reached advanced or intermediate stages, until he knows many phrases and words and is able to form sound and correct sentences, but what is absent from them is that the person will not be able to form sentences Only after trying many times, he tries a lot and makes mistakes, and it is wrong to learn and improve, language like swimming needs to practice more than it needs to learn and memorize.
When you learn some basic words and phrases, such as greeting phrases, personal questions and answers, start using them in your day and life with your partner or with those near you or even with yourself in front of a mirror, speak with it even if it is simple, repeat it again and again and again, this is the point Which are absent from many junior students, they postpone the practice until reaching the advanced stages and this is a big mistake.
You should not be satisfied with studying only, whether through the English Life School or through any other means, the study gives you the keys and establishes you have a sound language, then the role comes to you, and this is the fundamental difference between those who succeed and are distinguished when learning the English language and those who fail, The successful person is one who searches for other sources through which to develop his English outside the framework of the study, whether by watching foreign series, listening to audio lessons or even reading entertaining stories.
There are many useful resources dedicated to learning English for beginners, including visual and audio sources, you will find many audio files that consist of simple dialogues in the English language, and YouTube has many sources and simple series suitable for beginners, you can search it and you will find many of them .
We hear many complaints about learning the English language, one of them says that he tried several methods and tried several times but did not succeed in learning them, this problem is repeated on more than one tongue and in more than one formula, but mostly the origin of the problem is common to most students, which is lack of continuity, It is the problem of stopping at a certain point and feeling despair, that stopping leads to a decline in the level, especially when it lasts for several continuous months without any relationship with the English language or its practice.
What you must know at the beginning of your path towards mastery of the English language is that acquiring a second language is a matter that requires you a long breath, not like other skills that may require 3 months of intense and a person becomes expert in it, language is one of the basic components of the human personality that distinguishes it from other creatures, learn Language is a strategic project that requires you good planning, strong determination, and most importantly; Patience and persistence.

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